Racing on Rotto

UCI World Cycling Tour and Perth Festival of Cycling

Keep world class cyclists hydrated and full of energy as they race around Rottnest

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Victoria Quay Mussels, Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia

Mission Objective

Help elite international cyclists keep hydrated and full of energy in the Perth leg of their world tour.

Why is this Mission Important?

The UCI World Cycling Tour rounds off its week-long “festival of cycling” in Perth, featuring riders from Australia, China, Japan, Singapore and New Zealand. World class cycling events don't come to Perth very often and to ensure this Tour goes as smoothly as the Tour de France we are needed to support cyclist along the course. There won't be much of a race if the cyclists are dropping off their bikes due to dehydration. The course will also be open to family and friends to ride, so we will be supporting them as they ride the course after the competitors.

What Will Volunteers be Doing?

We will be right in the action providing nutrition, like fruit, and handing out water and hydration to cyclists on the move - like you see at the Tour de France! We will also be helping out at the start and finish lines.

Special Requirements

Volunteers will need a hat and sunscreen. Ferry transfers to and from Rottnest will be provided.

You will have access to:

  • Toilets